Antiques Bazaar - You never know what you'll find.......
The Home Bakery

A fresh approach to the cafe at Antiques Bazaar.
Freshly baked and prepared meals, snacks and cakes.
Real coffee served by our trained baristas.

Two happy customers enjoying their big breakfasts on August Bank Holiday weekend.

3 generations of a local family 
enjoying  lunch.

Home made onion soup 
and freshly baked rye bread roll

Since opening The Home Bakery 
we have made huge improvements. 
New management, new bakery staff, fresh menu, 
 and a really positive approach!

These cakes are baked on the premises daily.

We are here to please customers. We want your business and will go the extra mile to provide what you want!

Our woodburning stove is alight every day in the winter.

Come to us for takeaways, sandwiches, freshly baked cakes, quiches, and pies. And of course very good coffee, tea and cordials.

Cream teas.

Freshly baked chocolate brownies

Freshly made coffee and walnut cake

              The Home Bakery - why go anywhere else?                    

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