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The Old Textile Mill, South Street, Crewkerne. TA18 8AG
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Trading with Antiques Bazaar

Low monthly rents and no commission charges

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Why join our traders?

Well, Antiques Bazaar is a "magnet" for business, and a very popular trading centre. Run by an enthusiastic team, we are a true "destination" with over 75 individual traders all sharing one great venue. Low monthly rents, no commission charges, no need to "do time", we just make it easy for you to make money. Please get in touch if you would like to join us.

Are you currently struggling with some or all of these?

  • Rent
  • Business Rates
  • Staff
  • Opening Hours
  • Difficult Customers
  • Card Payments and Processing
  • Banking

This is all before you worry about marketing, advertising, websites and social media! Oh - and sourcing your stock! Nightmare?

As a collaborative trading centre, Antiques Bazaar in Crewkerne offers a completely hassle-free solution for dealers who love to buy, but shy away from dealing with customers.

For a single monthly payment, Antiques Bazaar provide sales units, or secure cabinets in which dealers can display their stock.

Antiques Bazaar provide the marketing, sales negotiating, cash-handling, packing, and if required delivery, for all the sales. Cabinet occupants, and unit holders receive daily sales updates , and weekly payments, straight into your bank. Buyers are attracted due to the high concentration of units and cabinets, all at one venue, and where one single payment is made for multiple purchases.

For more information, please call us on 01460 77121

or email: [email protected]